Speculating the benefits of a quality tree care service

At New Image Landscaping and Tree Service Inc, we make the effort to project a clear picture of our services to help you make a decision whether you need a pruning service, a tree removal one or some other. Still, if there is any confusion as to why you should hire a tree care service, we have mentioned a few benefits to enlighten you.

1 ) Saving finances

The task of removing a tree on your own is an enormous one. Not only will it consume your time and energy, but you may also fail due to the lack of efficient equipments. An overgrown tree can damage your wall and the repair companies are likely to charge unnecessary costs to fix it. By taking the service of our tree care plans, a great deal of time and energy will be saved, as we offer an excellent service at affordable rates.

2 ) Maintaining a clean surrounding

Though trees enhance the natural beautification of your home lawn, there will be issues with excess leaves and unwanted twigs. Moreover, too many big trees can hamper the incoming of sufficient sunlight towards the other plants in your garden, by blocking the path of the rays. A home’s landscape is enriched with the trees and plants but to cross off the additional worries, availing a tree removal agency’s help is the right choice. Our number one tree care service, using the most advanced machinery, will take care that your property looks beautiful with the required number of trees and remove the bad ones that stand as a danger to your surroundings.

3 ) Optimum safety

Hiring a tree cutting service frequently actually provides a protective shield to your home. Overgrown tree roots may weaken the foundation of your house. Roots that grow below your house are a risk to the preservation of your landscape and to the safety of your property. For a house with driveways, trees are feared to cause accidents by blocking the path. Even if insurance is there, the repair charges can be too much for you to bear. Thus, instead of facing with a serious threat to life and property, you can hire our excellent services to get rid of these anxieties.

4 ) Avoiding injuries

No matter what the number is, a few unwanted trees are enough to pose the risk of harm to your encompassing areas, or even cause you an injury by the impact of a falling branch.  With a specialized and professional help like ours, you can eliminate the chances of injury.

5 ) Restores the tree’s health

Trees are after all living beings and can fall sick. Consistent trimming will help to maintain your tree’s health. And if your tree is diseased, our expert arborists may be able to treat the illness by getting rid of the decayed portions.

Hopefully, these highlights have widened your knowledge regarding the necessity of a top-class tree care service like ours, to deal with your cutting, trimming or pruning needs. A safe and organized environment increases the appeal of a spectacular and attractive landscape.

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