Some interesting facts we want you to know about landscape construction

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Understanding landscape construction

Our landscape management programs are many at New Image.To assist you in clearing your doubts on whether you should invest in our landscape construction efforts or not,we want to help you know more about it.Our landscape construction service falls into two types.


Hardscapes refer to materials like wood fencing,stone and pavers and servicing them in outdoor kitchens,barbeques,fireplaces,fountains,ponds etc,consists of what is known as hardscape service.


Softscapes refer to services and installations involving plant,trees and shrubs.This sort of service include landscape architecture,ornamental bed,tree plantings,landscape renovation and grand plans for master estates.

Digging out its roots

We feel that before you take up our services at New Image,regarding landscape construction,we should throw you some light on where and how the concept originated.The history of landscape construction can be traced back to the public parks in Europe and Great Britain.To transform the leisurely parks into cultural hubs,while at the same time,preserving their natural value,became a matter to think about.It included defining broad paths,constructing bridges over streams,clearing away obstructions like stones,rocks and dead trees and later on,landscaping personal lawns and backyards.

Various types of landscape construction

Landscape construction can be categorized into three main types.The first is residential,which involves designing the personal properties of people such as their private garden or lawn.Next is the commercial,which involves the demands of buildings,shopping centres,restaurants,golf courses and other public spaces.Finally,the third type is the environmental design.A suitable example of this would be a botanical garden,which will be both the source of educational and recreational pursuits.

Our well-designed approach at New Image Landscaping and Tree Services Inc,will allow you an exotic experience of a luxurious lifestyle in your own good old backyard.

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