Setting up your dream garden

Our customised lawn care plans

Our vision at New Image Landscaping and Tree Care Service Inc, is to improve your vision.And yes, by vision, we mean the sight of your lawn.To patch-up any error in your lawn, we are right here.Our efficient garden maintenance service is lent for both residential and commercial purposes.The lawn care plans we have charted are customised and cover all aspects of your property needs and space utilisation.

Optimum use of your land

Whether it be your home yard or a a business centre, our drafted plans meet the requirements of all.We make sure that our garden maintenance service is in sync with your finances and wishes.No matter it is a weedy garden or a garden that needs trimming or sprucing, our customised lawn care plan is sure to fulfil your demands.

A modern and professional approach

Our workmen are skilled and trained.With a good English oratory, they provide specialised care.You can check out our reviews to see the good feedback we have received on part of our professionalism.Taught to work with the most advanced equipments, the craftsmanship of our trained experts is bound to impress you.

Vegetables-your nutrition source

New Image service has options for gifting you the most convenient vegetable garden in your back yard.A well-designed plan, comprising of the most creative and nutritive ideas, will quickly lead to the planting of your long-planned edible garden.Vegetables can be grown in a small quantity like that in a kitchen garden or on a large space.Appoint our services to enrich your plain garden with delicious fruits and nutritive vegetables.

Book us online to get a splendid yard.To freshen up your life with delightful green vibes at affordable prices is what we encourage and we promise to offer you that.

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