Owning property in an environment in which summer essentially never ends can make maintaining your yard or garden’s health feel like a full-time and year round job. If you’re overwhelmed with work, social events or your family’s busy schedule, finding time to commit to your yard or garden can be a challenge. At New Image, we’ve assembled a team specifically designed to provide quick and reliable tree planting services at competitive and affordable costs.

Our tree experts don’t just plant trees without first considering some vital factors like the specific variety of tree you desire and the area where you want these landscape features installed. We determine if structure or other plants will be effected once they reach maturity or even as they grow. We recommend scheduling a free consultation with one of our experts to help you choose the topiary that best suits your property landscape, local climate, soil conditions, architectural integration, light availability, lifestyle and your long-term property goals. In addition, your consolation will provide you with information regarding equipment, estimated timetables, cost and the number of staff needed to complete your project.

Trees In An Urban Environment

Aside from providing some of the most obvious benefits like shade and privacy, planting additional trees on your property can help cool your home, protect your home from inclement weather, clean the air and assist in controlling any ongoing erosion issues. Making sure to choose the correct tree for your yard’s particular aesthetic can also increase property value. While assessing the property, our expert Arborist will address each of these factors individually. For example, if your property’s architectural style has an overall Mediterranean feel to it, we won’t suggest planting English Moss. Contact us so we can help you create a customized plan for your property’s outdoor aesthetic.

Our qualified specialists will be able to decide the best locations for planting the trees you want and offer a customized maintenance schedule. If you start taking proper care of the trees from the moment they are planted, you will maximize the life expectancy of the tree ensuring many beautiful years to come.

Regular professional maintenance is the most cost-efficient form of care because it allows you to save a great deal of money. Don’t forget about the risk of accidents that can be caused by dead branches and fallen trees. Preventing them should be your first priority.

Our specialists also provide our client’s with a consultation on tree watering. Living in California, you need to be prepared to invest some time and effort in keeping your plants properly hydrated if you want them to remain healthy. The amount of water you will need to use depends on the type of tree, soil, layout of the area, and more.

NOTE: The best time to water your trees is either early in the morning or after sunset. This way, the evaporation rate will be the slowest, so your plants will get the most of the water.

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