Proper Care Is Important

New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., has a team of tree and plant experts on staff because correct knowledge of a plant’s growth cycle is a key consideration for proper pruning and trimming. When trimming and pruning are done incorrectly or in the wrong season, it can lead to an unhealthy hedge, shrub, or tree.

Wether your property is residential or commercial, trimming and pruning your landscaping should not just be considered something that is done to increase the appeal of your hedges and shrubs. Routine and proper maintenance is crucial for the long term health and sustainability of your investment in landscaping. Our experts can easily asses your trees, hedges, and shrubs to come up with a customized schedule for your existing landscape to prevent unsafe conditions to develop.

Our commercial and residential customers will always count on upfront pricing, timely arrivals, free assessments, expert tree knowledge and fully-insured teams of workers.

What We Offer

  • Corrective Pruning
  • Deadwooding
  • Thinning
  • Elevating
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Clearing

Corrective Pruning

Nature has its own way of shaping trees and shrubbery, and for many people, it’s not always the shape or form we think it should be. Corrective pruning allows you to remove the sections of a plant or tree that aren’t growing in the shape we’d like. Examples where corrective pruning are needed include branches rubbing against each other or overhanging limbs and tree branches that obstruct visibility or create unsafe property conditions.

In addition, overgrown trees and shrubbery can become sickly and pest infested. Corrective pruning is a practice that helps control not just the direction and thickness of a plant but also prevents insects and disease from destroying your trees. You can create a beautiful landscape with the proper professional assessment and maintenance of your trees and shrubs. New Image Landscaping & Tree Service Inc., has the tree experts you need who will provide you with a free estimate and a detailed report on the health of your plants as well as a customized plan of action best suited for your landscaping needs.

Tree Pruning Service

Deadwooding Service

“Deadwooding” is the practice of trimming dead wood off of your tree. Over time, branches both large and small will die off on a tree. Trees will often receive sunlight from only one side, leading to a lack of nutrients for the shaded side. This is especially common in suburban and urban areas. Deadwooding the tree makes it look more lively and attractive while cutting dead weight off of the trunk. It also promotes safety for any passerby who walks near the tree.

When a tree is lively, it becomes a vital part of your home’s ecosystem. Conversely, when it begins dying, it can introduce problems you may not be able to predict. Our process for you begins with a complimentary hazardous tree assessment. Once we determine what kind of shape your tree is in, we provide you with the services you’ll want to utilize, a timeline for when you’ll want to utilize them, and what kind of timeframe you’re looking at. For emergency tree rehabilitation, we provide immediate service that can attempt to bring your tree back to healthy growth.

Thinning Keeps Your Trees Healthy, Strong, and Growing

Thinning your trees is not just cutting branches off. Knowledge of the growth cycle of your trees is key to knowing when and how much thinning is necessary. It is important to have an expert asses your trees because incorrect thinning can significantly harm your trees and create hazardous conditions for your property. New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., has the experts you need to help properly determine if thinning is necessary.

Tree Trimming Service


Sideways growth isn’t possible in a densely-packed forest but it is in the open space of our suburbs. This sideways growth creates stress on the truck and without proper care it can outgrow their ability to support the weight. Our certified arborist employ elevating to give more clearance and eliminate low-hanging branches that might reach your swimming pool, windows, and house.

Trimming the lowest branches on a tree provides homeowners with safer tree growth. Our experts know how to elevate trees in such a way that will allow them to grow vertically with good branch structure. Our mission is to promote healthy trees and provide the best service in the area that meets your budget.

Crown Reduction & Crown Clearing

These are deeply technical horticulture techniques. Crown reduction shortens your tree by cutting down the primary branches and foliage around the top fo the tree, while crown clearing consists of selective removal of dead, dying, diseased and weak branches from the tree’s crown. Our experts will asses and help determine the best technique that will ensure the health of your mature trees. Contact us for a free estimate.

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