Professional Deadwooding Service

“Deadwooding” is the practice of trimming dead wood off of your tree. Over time, branches both large and small will die off on a tree. Trees will often receive sunlight from only one side, leading to a lack of nutrients for the shaded side. This is especially common in suburban and urban areas. Deadwooding the tree makes it look more lively and attractive while cutting dead weight off of the trunk. It also promotes safety for any passerby who walks near the tree.

Deadwood is not just an appearance issue—it can seriously endanger your tree and anyone who makes a habit of walking under or near it. Rotting branches can actually spread the rot like an infection into the trunk of the tree. If this happens, your tree would be in serious danger of dying.

In addition, rotting branches attract pests and predatory insects that also affect the health of your plant. When a tree is lively, it becomes a vital part of your home’s ecosystem. Conversely, when it begins dying, it can introduce problems you may not be able to predict.

Our process for you begins with a complimentary hazardous tree assessment. Once we determine what kind of shape your tree is in, we provide you with the services you’ll want to utilize, a timeline for when you’ll want to utilize them, and what kind of timeframe you’re looking at. For emergency tree rehabilitation, we provide immediate service that can attempt to bring your tree back to healthy growth.

Heavy branches that have died are also much more likely to detach or break off in a storm (or even a windy day). This can potentially cause damage to your home and your property. Deadwooding allows your tree to effectively grow healthy without fear of large branches suddenly crashing through your roof.