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Brush Clearing

Professional & Speedy Service

Brush stands in the way of development, stifles the growth of your trees, attracts pests, and it’s an eyesore and fire hazard. Clearing your lot or land of trees, stumps, and shrubs takes more than just hacking away at your plants. Oaks and palms have especially sensitive tree root zones. Inexperienced clearing or use of wrong equipment could easily destroy them.

Our team will clean up your landscape while taking the necessary steps to protect your trees from any harm. New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., can take your overgrown property and have it be transformed into clear land in as little as one day. We have the training, experience and tools necessary to make your brush clearing task a breeze. Our team will make sure no shallow roots are left behind and we will have your property looking clean and ready for your construction project in no time.

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New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., can help you regain functionality to your land and eliminate the risk of it being used as the habitat for ticks, snakes and other pests. We remove dead trees, overgrown bushes, and other vegetation that can serve as fuel ladders for potential fires. This serves to create a defensive space around your home and makes your property more clean and spacious. We understand every property has unique needs, so we work with our customers to design brush clearing projects that can be completed efficiently and thoroughly, on time and within budget.

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