Edible Landscaping

Incorporating vegetables into the urban or industrial landscape is not as difficult as it may seem. As with ornamental and perennial plants, placement, light, and spacing between plants are critical to the success of a vegetable garden. What is great about working in urban spaces is that you can take an untraditional approach to vegetable production by installing raised-beds or using containers anywhere on your property that receives at least four and a half hours of light.

More industrial or commercial spaces can incorporate edible landscapes by using plants that grow as a woody shrub or tree, such as blueberries or apple trees in large planters. These plants have the potential to fit within the context of a more industrialized landscape without needing an extraordinary level of additional care. By planting fruit trees in large planters you avoid smashed fruit on concrete or rocks and contain the fruit within the planters away from walkways.

New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., has landscape consultants that can assist in your edible garden design and give you creative ideas and solutions to help incorporate vegetables and fruits into your garden. Growing vegetables in your home or garden is good for you, your neighborhood, and for helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Growing vegetables at home can be done in a single pot on your patio or on a larger scale depending upon the space and time you have available. Ask our experts for ideas on how to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your garden.