Sustainable solutions for your garden

We’re proud to offer xeriscaping, a unique and forward-thinking approach to landscaping. Xeriscape landscaping covers your property in gorgeous drought-tolerant plants that will stay beautiful and lively even with very little water.

Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping that was initially developed for use in arid and semiarid climates, which are climates that are prone to drought and desert-like conditions. Xeriscaping limits the amount of water used on plants using a variety of methods and uses plants that can withstand drought conditions.

Save money on irrigation by employing the most cutting-edge water conservation techniques and prevent evaporation and other water waste.

We are experts when it comes to Drought Tolerant Plants

Your environmentally friendly landscape will have the wow factor in more ways than one by using plants like:

• The Moss Rose
• The California Poppy
• The Bachelor Button
• Dusty Miller
• Silver Falls Vine

…and many more!