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Landscape Design

Create The Landscape Of Your Dreams

Ponds, waterfalls and other water features create an ambience of peace and tranquility within your outdoor space, whether residential or commercial. While Xeriscapes not only look great in any type of outdoor space, it also helps your landscape to conserve water usage. Whatever your design ideas may be, New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., specializes in listening to your needs and delivering the kind of landscape you’ve always wanted. Whether you need to freshen up your existing space or add a new stone patio, magnificent pergola or fresh flower garden to a new landscape, our garden architects can help you achieve what you need.

Our team works with you to create a beautiful and serene landscape you can enjoy for years to come. Our goal is to exceed your expectations – no matter the size or scope of your space. At New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., all phases of your project are managed in one place, as a result, all aspects of the yard and how they interlink are considered from the beginning stages of the design process to the installation of your design. Call us today to discuss your design ideas.

Design-Build-Maintain Approach

Whether you’re building a new home on untouched land, or renovating your existing landscape, New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., is ready to help you achieve the look you want for your outdoor lifestyle.

During our initial consultation you will go over your overall concept, requirements, budget, and timeline. Our team will then create a customized plan of action that meets your needs, striking the perfect balance between design criteria and budgetary goals. We will work with you to construct a design that complements the specific characteristics of your home, building or property within your budget.

Our talented designer will then craft budget-compliant concepts and renderings to help you visualize your project and see what you’re getting in advance. We produce detailed, exacting working drawings and submit to public agencies at the earliest opportunity to move the process along.

Once your project enters the installation phase, our construction team builds your project efficiently and safely. Our project managers inspect your job regularly, ensuring we deliver superior workmanship and keeping you in control with comprehensive documentation.

With New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc. job completion is on time, built right, and within budget. Our fluid synergy across our divisions makes it easy to bring your project to life from start to finish and beyond. Our superior maintenance team ensures the long-term health and sustainability of your new investment and keeps your project looking great.

Artistically Designed Projects Add More Value Than They Cost

Some aspects you may want to start considering in your design include:

  • Xeriscape Gardens
  • Stonework
  • Waterscapes
  • Custom Garden Structures
  • Patios and Shade Structures
  • Outdoor Kitchen or fire pit
  • Decks and Pergolas

Our talented landscape consultants and designers apply a common sense approach to the rules of art, the relationship between the structures and landscape, your personal preferences, and function to their design process. While our integrated design-build-maintain approach offers cost-effectiveness and cohesiveness through the design and construction process, as well as, the future maintenance needs of your new investment.

No two landscape projects are the same, therefore, each consulting and design project is customized according to the property owner’s distinct taste and desires. Our free design consultations include an in-depth on-site assessment of your property. This is an important first step where we will discuss design ideas and concepts, home and garden styles, the current condition of your existing landscape, potential problems, plant and material suggestions, as well as, landscape maintenance needs.

Our landscape consultants can offer a hand-drawn conceptual design sketch of your landscape project while our landscape designers can provide more detailed scaled designs utilizing CAD technology and 3D imaging (when applicable). 3D scaled design plans are necessary to layout more complex landscapes, entire properties, large landscape areas with detailed softscapes and also hardscape features beyond simple plant, patio and walkway layouts. After we submit the design to you, we will schedule a presentation appointment to review the plans and make any adjustments necessary. We will provide you with project estimates and a plan of action that includes a timeline for your project. Once the design and layout is approved, our team can begin the installation phase of your design to bring your dream to life.

At New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., we know the construction phase can be stressful, but our customers can count on a team of project managers that will be in constant communication throughout the process to take the stress out of your project.

Save Time and Cash with Our Landscape Design Services

At New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., we have teamwork-synergy between our different divisions and team of experts. We have our own designers, architects, project mangers, and in-house crews to provide efficiency, competitive pricing, and schedule and quality control.

Our garden designers are committed to high-quality, dependable landscape design and garden architecture at affordable pricing. We offer a wide range of services from small residential properties to complex commercial sites.

Your new landscape project doesn’t need to break your bank. We offer flexible services and plants to fit any space, style and budget. Call today (626) 421-6270, to transform your space into a landscape you’ve always wanted.

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