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Fire Pits & Fire Places

A Professional Seasonal Clean-Up Is Great For Your Landscape

Cleaning up the garden and lawns in preparation for the season is vitally important for the health, aesthetics and safety of your yard. Hiring a contractor for season cleanup service can streamline a number of outdoor maintenance responsibilities, which lets you relax and save both time and effort. At New Image Landscaping & tree Service, Inc., we are well-equipped to safely and efficiently complete maintenance tasks in less time than a homeowner would require for the same work.

We can quickly complete cleanup service as well as additional complementary services that most homeowners may lack the equipment to complete. Aside from raking and disposal, we are able to provide services like mowing, fertilization, aerating, changing mulch, winterization, pruning, weeding, as well as edging.

It may be the whole lawn requires taking and mowing, but other service will vary depending on the current season, the size and the type of your garden, the trees and shrubs in your yard. Our landscape consultants can help you come up with an individualized plan based on what is in your yard. With proper planning both beautiful and safe landscaping is possible.

Let Our Experts Help You Protect Your Property

It may be an additional task to you but fire mods are necessary to keep your land healthier. Not only that, it also prevents wildfire. With the impending fines that are now in effect, preparing your land to satisfy the requirements of the states is more important than ever. New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., offers effective, high-quality fire mod services.

We remove dead trees, overgrown bushes, and other vegetation that can serve as fuel ladders for potential fires. This serves to create a defensive space around your home and makes your property cleaner and more spacious. We understand every property has unique needs, so we work with our customers to design fire mod projects that can be completed efficiently and thoroughly, on time and within budget.

Our crew is fast and efficient, we only utilize brush clearing equipment that can effectively remove brush with minimal disturbance to the soil, trees and vegetation.We have all the necessary equipment and machines to cut, remove and clear brush no matter what type of land you have. Our team can handle and reduce the threat of wildfires in the city and the surrounding areas. Our highly effective crew is qualified and trained to address every aspect of fire reduction and prevention.

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New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., can take your overgrown property and have it be transformed into clear land in as little as one day. New Image Landscaping & Tree Service, Inc., can help you regain functionality to your land and eliminate the risk of it being used as the habitat for ticks, snakes and other pests.

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