Is Lack Of Proper Drainage Slowly Undermining Your Foundation?

Inadequate drainage results in an excessive amount of water in the soil under and around the foundation. This leads to soil expansion and shrinkage which can go unnoticed for years and is the primary cause for foundation problems. When it is finally spotted, the repair bills can be substantial.

This may not sound like a serious problem in Southern California due to a climate that can go many months without rain. What many don’t realize, however, is that one night of steady downpour can land many thousands of gallons of rain on and around your home. As it rains on average 34 times per year in this region, there are plenty of opportunities for lack of proper drainage to cause serious damage to any foundation.

After our initial consultation our experts will provide a detailed assessment of your property and a customized plan of action based on your property’s needs and an estimated cost and timeline to complete your project.