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Tree Service


New Image Corp. Tree Service offers the services of qualified specialists that are trained in handling the most advanced equipment. This machinery allows the New Image Corp. team to safely remove, brace, trim, and perform any other procedures necessary to keep our client's trees in perfect condition.

We carry insurance to protect the clients from any problems regarding property damage that might occur due to an accident. We also guarantee that the debris will be handled quickly and efficiently, so our client's won't have to worry about their lawn being littered with dead branches.

The professional arborist who consults our clients is be able to explain every step of the procedures before they are performed. The specialist is also able to assess the condition of every tree and develop a customized service plan that will meet both the needs and budget of our clients.

Tree service is something our customers should never take lightly as neglected trees are not only unattractive but also highly dangerous. If you have any old trees on your land, you should deal with them as soon as possible before the hazard they pose can cause any serious accident. Remember that bad weather is unpredictable and fixing the damage is always more difficult and expensive than preventing it. You should also consider the danger presented by pests, as low hanging branches can give various rodents easy access to your attic.

New Image Tree Service helps our clients create the garden of their dreams and takes immense care of it for a reasonable price.

New Image Corp. seeks to enhance your garden. Our team of qualified-specialists are trained in handling the most advanced equipment to remove, brace, trim or perform the necessary procedures to keep your trees in pristine condition as well as our dedicated professionals quickly and efficiently remove all debris that is left behind. New Image Corp. Our professional arborist will consult with our clients every step of the way to explain procedures, as well as to tailor a unique service plan that will fit their budget and meet their needs. In the case of an accident or property damage, New Image Corp carries insurance to protect the client from any liability.
Tree service is something our customers should never take lightly as neglected trees are not only unattractive but also highly dangerous. Old trees pose a hazard in bad weather and provide a greater chance for pest and rodent infestation if not treated correctly. Remember preventing the problem is a cheaper than fixing it.

New Image Landscaping & Tree Service Inc Garden Design


Tree Pruning

The most important reason for pruning trees is safety. Branches must be removed to reduce the risk of accidents, especially if the tree grows nears buildings or sidewalks. The same goes for the trees that block the visibility of roads and intersections. Other plants in areas away from public buildings should be pruned to maintain a beautiful garden and landscape.

When pruning, we target the branches that are dead and those that cross and rub against each other. Professional pruning will help your tree develop well and grow strong. This will result in sturdy healthy roots, which, in turn, will allow the tree to endure storms, winds and other weather. Fruit trees will bear more fruit with the right pruning as well.

NOTE: Trees should be pruned in the late fall or winter to minimize sap loss. This will reduce the stress of the procedure for the plant while preventing infection.

Tree Trimming

Trimming is very similar to pruning on a smaller scale. This procedure will help keep your trees in shape and promote healthy growth. When trimming, we remove branches that are weak and have V-shaped narrow angles, as they ruin the look of the tree. In general, the branches over 5 centimeters in diameter shouldn't be trimmed to save the integrity of the tree.

Tree Removal

While some DIY enthusiasts can successfully trim their trees with proper training, tree removal is a far more complex procedure.

Proper maintenance will allow you to keep your trees alive and healthy for many years, but when the time comes for them to be removed, you should entrust this task to professionals equipped with the tools necessary to reduce the risk of accidents.

New Image Corp. Tree Service will ensure that unwanted trees are safely removed from your property without dealing any damage to your garden or the surrounding buildings.

Remember that sometimes you will need to remove a tree while it's healthy because where it is planted lacks the required space inhibiting the tree from growing any further. If you are unsure about the issue, our specialists will provide you with a consultation and offer an effective maintenance plan.

Stump Grinding

After a tree is removed, you will need to decide what to do with the resulting stump. In many cases, the owners decide to leave it. When the property owner disregards the stump, it will eventually rot on its own. This can pose various problems for property owners.

The first issue is the stump sending out new shoots, though the far more common issue is the stump simply being in the way. Landscaping methods of the past used to consist of uprooting the trees after cutting them, but today's technology allows us to remove them more efficiently, while avoiding most damage to your lawn.

New Image Corp. Tree Service can perform stump grinding to effectively solve this problem for you. The procedure will be performed with a specialized stand-alone machine.

NOTE: Although it is possible to rent a stump grinder, these machines are dangerous and should be handled by professionals who received ample specialized training.

Cable Bracing

This is the most popular structural support procedure for trees. It entails installing flexible cables or rods that reduce the risk of the tree falling or being damaged by a storm.

This technique is used for prevention, restoration, or mitigation. For prevention purposes, cable bracing will reduce the chance of healthy trees failing due to natural weaknesses, like V-shaped trunks. If the tree has already been damaged, this technique steadies the tree and ensures stability for an extended period of time.

Please note that in some cases the risks are too high and saving the plant is nearly impossible. Some trees need to be cable braced in order to reduce their hazardous potential.