Interior plants – a soothing touch of green

Why to opt for an interior plant service?

In normal times and especially in this pandemic era, where home is your permanent camp, avail our interior plants service to rejuvenate your homes with freshness and happiness.

Increasing oxygen levels

Indoor plants like Philodendron, Monstera, Snake plant, Spider plant and others are a wonderful choice for your home, as they increase the oxygen level. Needless to say, oxygenation of your confined rooms is an outstanding effect of such interior plants in general and in this covid age, it is a cherry on the pie. More oxygen also helps to level down the presence of other contaminants and thus, reduces air pollution. A free and relaxed breathing in a purified space is much important.

Natural beautification

Green plants beautify the place, wherever the location may be. To put them inside your home is to enlighten the rooms up with a lush green glow. No item can offer the same beautification naturally, the way natural greenery does. What can be more wonderful than decorating your home with natural plants.

Relieves the mind of stress

The chlorophyll in the plants, that produces the green colour in them, also helps to soothe your mind, as a prolonged glance at these green beauties quietens the mind. Plants are natural sources of stress-relief and you must believe that amidst the work load and busy days of urban life patterns, these mighty help to soothe your nerves and impart peace and comfort to your mind and home atmosphere.

Therapeutic effects

Science has proved that the sight and feel of fresh plants, does wonders to your mind and brain. Being surrounded by plants, will definitely raise your attention level and lessen your mental health issues. The mind-soothing properties of interior plants, indeed, help to reduce anxiety and depression related problems.

Health and happiness by indoor plantation

Our thoughtful provision of interior plant service at New Image, has already earned amazing feedback from previous clients. Many have stated that the air quality in their home has distinctly become more purified and dust particles are less dominant. We will plan the plantation, according to your home interior design and chart the steps for their daily care. We hope to satisfy your aesthetic vision and refresh your home with a decorative yet natural touch of thriving green.

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