Improving biodiversity with our living walls

Are you wondering what is a living wall?

A green wall or a living wall are vertical structures that are covered wholly with green vegetation.The greenery is often planted in a growth medium,made up of soil,stone or water and feature a built-in irrigation system.

Our innovative designs

New Image Landscaping and Tree Service Inc works on the principle of offering you maximum relief to your eyes and convenience to your needs.Our smart living walls are designed in a creative way so that they can serve both an aesthetic appeal and a functional working.

Our success story

In science,a term called biophilia exists.This term is actually an explanation of how nature soothes our nerves and relieves us from distress.Now,while you think of incorporating a living wall with our help,we want to amaze you with its proven success.The living wall,full of lush green growth,has helped in uplifting the moods of many of our previous clients.When we asked for their review after a month or so of arranging the wall,they claimed that it added a harmonic touch to their lives and enhanced the natural beautification of their gardens.Air had purified much and a lot of the urban pollution had reduced due to it.

Types of green walls

The two kinds of green walls-indoor and outdoor,are for different purposes.Mostly used for bringing greenery to urban landscapes,outdoor living walls are mainly visual elements.Indoor ones are mostly apt for air purification.Both are beneficial for your mental calmness and relaxation.

A small tip is to plant small to allow the small roots to develop to avail the feeding and irrigation from the soil close by.Replanting may be required later.We suggest to you strongly to get hold of our extra service of putting up a beautiful living wall for you at the best costs,for a mind-soothing,self-liberating experience.

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