Highlighting certain aspects of commercial landscaping

Though standing as domains of official work and corporate work, changes in the encompassing landscape, brightens up the presentation of the office building. Essential landscaping features like seasonal displays, landscaping focal points, lighting, etc, improvises the get up and magnifies the prestige of the concerned firm.

Being more involved in the facility constructions, builders often pay less attention to the landscaping area. Our professional service at New Image, will renovate your office surroundings distinctively. Some aspects of our urban landscaping service are:

A thoughtful design – While designing an office building project, our skilled experts create multi-dimensional design concepts, which draw a line between functionality and aesthetics.

Expert construction – To bring to reality your visualized designs, we have some excellent craftsmen, who can install with perfection the required plants, hardscapes, grass pavers and other striking commercial landscaping features.

Good maintenance – Our comprehensive ground maintenance methods like mowing, weed control, fertilization and other management techniques, help in the long-term sustenance of the newly constructed landscape.

Planting flowers – Our customized flower plantation plans are in sync with the seasonal availability and take into consideration factors like sunlight, shade and water. A spectacular floral display, usually attracts attention of the passersby.

Excellent irrigation – To keep an office landscape green and well-maintained is a difficult task to execute in a commercial building environment. Our experience and dedication to an innovatively developed irrigation system, will enhance your office property to higher levels.

Proper lighting – A well-placed and effective lighting will ensure a safe environment for the night hours. We can arrange for well-designed lighting provisions to light up your surrounding office property.

Advanced machinery – Our upgraded tools and equipments will lead to the development of an eye-catching office environment.

Benefits of commercial landscaping

A sophisticated design and proper maintenance of your commercial landscape will attract new clients. Here is a glimpse at some of the benefits of commercial landscaping, which will create a good impression for your business.

A rise in productivity

Office goers have shown to respond well to the natural beauty of the surroundings. A peaceful patio or outdoor yard will inspire productivity in your colleagues.

An eco-friendly approach

The natural beautification process of your office boundaries, are a reflection of your care for the environment and attention towards eco-friendly means to enhance your yard.

Property value increases

The market value of your property is guaranteed to rise, once you invest in commercial landscaping.

Safe and secure

A quality landscaping and maintenance by professionals like us, will secure your office environment. Happiness is working in a safe and protected environment.

Flourish in business

An attractive landscaping will indeed, help to enhance your business prospects. A marvellous approach to your office, plays a key role in maintaining existing clients and attracting new ones.

To transform the formal get up of your commercial landscape, our services are aptly suitable. You are assured to view a landscaping construction that is strikingly beautiful, purposeful and visually appealing

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