To our valued clients, friends, and vendors, it is with the utmost of caution that we will be taking short-term measures to limit our person-to-person contact. We do this out of respect to the advice of the medical field and to be socially responsible to our trusted clients, vendors and staff we work with in this uncertain time.To make all of you aware of the current situation we felt it is best to let you know some of our newly implemented practices to ensure our team, along with your properties, are keeping safety as our #1 concern.Please see the list below of our new procedures and guidelines with our team to create the safest environment we can while still working on our current workload.

  • Sales /Admin /Design staff have been asked to work from home whenever possible and limit client face to face interaction to a minimum
  • Production Managers are spending little time in the office and focusing on site visits and utilizing technology to keep up to date with orders and schedules.
  • HR is asked to be onsite every day to make sure all information is up to date with our staff should any questions or new arrangements need to be met.
  • Field Staff is asked to report every day to work so we can maintain our schedules as best as possible.
    • Truck interiors are wiped down end of every day with bleach
    • We have requested for team members to direct report to job sites where applicable.
    • Crews are limited to 3-5 staff at any given site
    • They have been instructed to defer conversations with clients off to the correct salesperson.
    • All staff has been instructed to stay home if they are less than 100% with their current health.

With these new changes in place, please allow our teams some extra time to respond to any and all requests. Right now we are focusing on learning new work from home procedures which we hope to have fully operational by weeks end.

New Image Landscaping has no desire to stop working unless mandated by the government. As you can all imagine Spring will be here and is already showing signs of waking up. Our current field staff is working very hard to stay current on their schedules while our sales team is working to make sure our clients are in the know with their sites. We thank you for the understanding and are open to discussion should you have any concern with our new procedures.

John Lampasona Jr.